Semester : Sophomore Year

Brief: A sponsored studio for Bissell, this project was an opportunity to redesign the classic Bissell floor sweeper. Through research and ideation, I found room for improvement that not only enhanced and updated the look of the sweeper, but added increased functionality. 


After seeing a sting ray swimming in the ocean, I was inspired to incorporate the graceful motion of its pectoral fins in my sweeper design and function.

Sting Ray.png

RUBBER SIDES - The top of the sweeper is made from a piece of flexible rubber that molds to the shape of the wall and acts as a buffer. The extended bristles gently loosen dirt to be swept away.

download (1).jpeg
download (1).png


This feature was inspired by my dislike for having to touch the release mechanism after sweeping up dead bugs, hair, and dirt in my apartment.   

STEP 1 - Hover over tray and slowly lower. STEP 2 - Align sweeper to tabs on waste basket. STEP 3 - Once secured, the door will open and waste is easily disposed.

EXPLODED VIEW Inside the sweeper is a six wheel system. The two center wheels power the roller brush while the outer four power the side brushes.

Inside Render.png